SMS Platform for Business Messaging

Easy. Fast. Flexible.

3seventy’s turn-key texting software is designed for enterprise business SMS. Companies serious about scalability, reliability, security, and compliance use 3seventy for their SMS campaigns.

Leverage the latest cloud-based technology to seamlessly use our fully featured SaaS platform or our brilliantly designed RESTful SMS API through a secure SMS gateway. Push out a text campaign within minutes after signing up.

News, Operational Alerts, Special Offers, Promotions, Education, Internal Comms, and More! The 3seventy SMS platform delivers excellent results at a low cost. Our connections with mobile carriers provide access to 990+ operators and 5.5 billion wireless subscribers globally on either a short code or long code.


Curious if mobile applies to your business? Read some of our Customer use-cases and our Case Studies.

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The Benefits

Messaging: True Dialog and Dynamic Personalization

Drive loyalty & sales through multi-threaded conversations with customers using automated or open-ended responses. Reduce costs with immediate triggered messages for technical, marketing, scheduling, or internal communications. Increase response rates by dynamic personalization of messages.

Contacts: Management and Segmentation

Produce results with more precise targeting and segmentation of your contact database by subscription, keyword, zip code, or any other data you’ve collected. Add new segmentation criteria through marketing research using our True Dialog capabilities. Unlimited database fields and filters are available.

Campaigns: Coupons and Loyalty

Enhance loyalty and drive sales by sending mobile coupons that include an expiration date. Use unique single-use codes to personalize and prevent fraud. Try sharable codes for broader exposure. Strengthen your existing loyalty program or launch a new one.

Results: Reporting and Analytics

Measure customer engagement and ROI with our real time reporting. View reports at any level - by account, campaign, individual contact, and more. Use keyword reports for sourcing your marketing efforts and adjusting media buys.

Integrate: Open RESTful API

Connect your existing systems to the 3seventy Platform for an integrated solution using our RESTful API. Integration with CRM, loyalty, email, marketing automation, or a custom application is easy via the rich set web services.

Compliance: Regulations Built-In

Save time and worry about text marketing regulations. Built into the 3seventy Platform are compliance messages and flows to minimize the risks associated with potential violations.